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It's the week before your GST is due, you look at the pile of filing you were meaning to do last week and think again "I must get that done!"

Three days to go, the pile of paperwork is still there and so is your GST return. "I'll do that when I get home tonight"

GST day is here, you rush around looking for the paperwork you need, enter in the data, hoping you've entered it correctly, finally you get it finished, you jump in your car and rush down to the IRD offices before they close so you don't get charged any penalties or interest and on your way home you think "why did I waste my whole day doing that when I could have been making money for the business?"

If this sounds all too familiar, contact US.... We can help

No longer will your GST be a mad dash to the IRD on the due date

Secreterial Services Let's face it, unless your business is accounting or bookkeeping, keeping financial records is probably not what you do best. Most likely you would rather spend your time selling your product or service.

We are based in Auckland, however with new technology we have recently found we are able to offer our services to anyone in New Zealand.

We specialise in financial services, so we can offer the best service possible.

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    Our company was looking for a no-stress accounts solution and we found it in the team at LJ Bass. We were looking for a team with experience, reliability and the ability to be flexible with our accounts workload.

    The last thing we wanted to do was worry about accounts routines and IRD deadlines. We wanted to focus on the results and LJ Bass provides that.


    Danielle Butler

    Director, Medical Uniforms NZ Limited